Collection: Interior Paints

You can filter items by paint type, by colour group, and by quantity.

Custom tinting is available for a fee of $10 per tin or tub.

LOW SHEEN: The most popular paint choice for walls, including bathrooms and kitchens

MATTE: Suitable for walls of living rooms and bedrooms. Matte paint creates an attractive sense of depth and sophistication, and hides surface imperfections.

CEILING: Provides excellent coverage, but is only suitable for ceilings because it has a very porous surface that is difficult to clean.

SEMI-GLOSS & GLOSS: The most common choice for doors, windows, skirting boards, picture rails, furniture, and cupboards. 

ENAMEL PAINT: A hard-wearing, chip-resistant paint, and easier to clean than other types of paint, making it especially suitable for high touch surfaces like cupboards and doors. Oil-based enamel is more durable than water-based enamel, but most DIY painters prefer low odour water-based enamels.

KITCHEN & BATHROOM PAINT: Any paint can be made suitable for use in damp areas by adding an anti-mould agent, which we sell.

If you like a colour but need a smaller quantity than the tin or tub that is listed, send us a message. We can also combine tins to create larger quantities. We'll sell you the exact amount you need.

Can't see what you need here? Check out our Exterior paints. There is no problem with using exterior paint to paint interiors (but you can't use interior paint for surfaces exposed to weather).