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Custom tinting is available for a fee of $10 per tin or tub.

LOW SHEEN: The most popular paint choice for exterior walls and for other large surfaces such as garage doors, fences, and decks.

MATTE: A popular choice for brickwork because it hides surface imperfections. Note that Matte paint is not as scrubbable as Low Sheen or Gloss paints.

SEMI-GLOSS & GLOSS: The most common choice for doors, windows, gutters and downpipes, posts, and verandah railings. Can be used in any exterior location where the surface may need regular cleaning or where a visual contrast in sheen level is desired. Less ideal for decking because it is more slippery than low sheen paint.

ENAMEL PAINT: A hard-wearing, chip-resistant paint, and easier to clean than other types of paint, making it especially suitable for high touch surfaces like doors and door frames. Oil-based enamel is more durable than water-based enamel, but most DIY painters prefer low odour water-based enamels.

METAL PAINT: Standard exterior paints can be used on metal, but if a very hard wearing finish is required (such as for high traffic metal steps or railings), or if the surface will have significant expansion and contraction due to sun exposure, metal paint is the best choice.

If you like a colour but need a smaller quantity than the tin or tub that is listed, send us a message. We can also combine tins to create larger quantities. We'll sell you the exact amount you need.