Pricing & Custom Orders

We price at a 50% discount to the Bunnings price for the same type and volume of Dulux paint for all paints in our online catalogue.

Different paints are priced very differently in retail stores, presumably correlated with manufacturing and/or tinting costs.

For example, an equivalent volume and shade of water-based enamel paint will be more than twice the price per litre as the same volume and shade of ceiling paint. Our prices follow the same pattern because we aim discount by at least 50% of the new price for the particular type of paint.

You also get a significant volume discount for buying larger tubs or tins from Circle Paints, just as you do in your local hardware store.  At this stage we are not offering bulk pricing for the purchase of multiple tubs and tins.

We have a single price point for Deep Base, Ultra Deep and Ultra Bright Base paints, pricing all at a 50% discount to the Deep Base price, so you'll be getting an especially great price on Ultra Deep and Ultra Bright based paints.

We have used Dulux pricing as our reference point because over 95% of the paint we have collected to date is Dulux product. Dulux currently dominate the Sydney trade paint market.

We have a small quantity of Resene, Wattyl, White Knight, and Taubmans paint, in which case this is noted on the stock item listing. This paint from these other brands is priced the same as Dulux for the sake of simplicity. 


Custom Orders 

We can customise orders as follows -

  • create custom colours to match your preferred Dulux shade, priced at $10 per tint (i.e. per tin or tub you have tinted)

  • create custom quantities (no additional charge if we have an empty tin or tub to use and you select that option, or $3 extra if supplied in a new tub)

  • create bathroom/kitchen paint by adding anti-mould agent (priced at $1.75 per litre of paint to be treated).

Custom quantities 

We can create a listing for a smaller quantity of a paint you've seen on our website. Send us a message saying what you're after - for example, mention the listing for 10L of interior low sheen paint in "Lime Parfait", and say you want to buy only 4L. We'll create the 4L tin for you, list it on our store, and send you the link to the product so you can purchase it.


Custom Colours 

If you send us a message with the Dulux shade you want, and the type and quantity of paint. We'll confirm that we are able to mix the required amount and create a custom invoice that includes the $10 custom tinting charge. Once you've purchased the product we'll mix up the order for you. If you aren't satisfied with the colour you see when you arrive, we can adjust the tint, or you can cancel your order and we'll refund you in full.

Please note that we do not promise an exact match with your selected Dulux shade because we colour match by eye. But the match will be extremely close, and closer to your selected shade than to any other colour in the Dulux range.

Should you need more paint that is an exact match with the paint you've bought from Circle Paints, any hardware store will be able to supply it, because they use a spectrophotometer to detect the exact quantities of each tinter in the mix. We have not invested in that equipment at this stage so we can keep prices low. 


Bathroom & Kitchen Paint 

If you intend to use your paint for an area with high humidity, add "Anti-Mould" additive to your shopping cart, and ensure you've purchased the right number of units of additive to treat the paint you will use in the humid area.