Collection: Ceiling Paint

Circle Paints stocks both tinted and untinted ceiling paint. Ceiling paint provides excellent coverage but is only suitable for ceilings because it has a very porous surface that is difficult to clean.

Did you know that many trade painters use Lexicon Quarter as their default ceiling paint colour, instead of Vivid White?

This is because a tiny dash of tint added to any type of paint dramatically increases coverage, and therefore reduces the number of coats required to hide any discolouration on the surface. Customers are seldom aware that their ceiling is not painted with Vivid White paint because Lexicon Quarter looks pure white against any colour on the walls that has more tint in it.

Circle Paints also stocks new ceiling white paint priced at a 50% discount to the Bunnings price for the same quantity. We can make up a custom quantity of new ceiling white upon request if the listed quantities are too small or too large for your job.

If you like a colour but want a smaller quantity than the tin or tub listed, send us a message. We split tins down to a minimum 1L size. We can also combine tins to create larger quantities.