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Ocean Champions’ Flocculant to treat brush wash water

Ocean Champions’ Flocculant to treat brush wash water

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Are you a lover of our rivers and oceans? Then this product is for you! Paint wash water is a contributor to microplastics in our oceans, but very easily avoided.

If you stirAluminium sulphate powder through your wash water and leave it overnight, it will make all of the paint in your wash water settle into curds at the bottom of your tub.

Then you can pour the clear water down the drain and tip the residual paint sludge into an old tin or other container to dry out for safe disposal in your landfill bin. 

This item is 1 tablespoon of Aluminium sulphate, which will treat up to 25 L of dirty wash water. You can buy as many tablespoons as you want by adding extra flocculant items at checkout. 

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