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  • Low Sheen - ideal for large surfaces like exterior walls, garage doors, fences, and decks.
  • Matte - suitable for brickwork, as it conceals imperfections, but less scrub-resistant than Low Sheen or Gloss.
  • Semi-Gloss & Gloss - common for doors, windows, gutters, downpipes, posts, and railings. Not recommended for decking due to increased slipperiness.
  • Enamel Paint - durable, chip-resistant, and easy to clean, perfect for high-touch surfaces like doors. Water-based enamels are preferred for low-odour.
  • Metal Paint - standard exterior paints work on metal, but for high-traffic areas or surfaces with significant sun exposure, choose metal paint for a durable finish.

Custom tinting is available for a fee of $15 per tin or tub.

If you like a colour but need a smaller quantity than the tin or tub that is listed, send us a message. We can also combine tins to create larger quantities. We'll sell you the exact amount you need.