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Wood Care - Aquadeck water based decking sealant plus Intergrain decking oil 6.2L

Wood Care - Aquadeck water based decking sealant plus Intergrain decking oil 6.2L

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Cabot's Aquadeck is a highly durable, low odour decking oil that provides exceptional durability to all exterior surfaces and lasts twice as long as traditional decking oils. Aquadeck's advanced dual technology allows natural oils to penetrate and nourish timber, creating a durable acrylic barrier for a beautiful natural finish. It is ideal for use on decks, garden furniture, pergolas, fences and gates. You can use Aquadeck over any existing coating*, no sanding required#.

Preparation instructions:

New Bare Timber:
To coat new bare timber immediately, scrub damp timber with Cabot’s New Timber Prep, following label instructions. New Timber Prep will draw out tannins and oils quickly from the surface, allowing you to skip the 4-6 weeks weathering process required for new timber. Always follow New Timber Prep with Cabot’s Deck Clean following label instructions. Remove excess water from the surface with squeegee on Cabot’s Deck Prep brush, and allow timber to dry for at least 1 hour.

Note: Cooler conditions could slow down the drying time of the timber. Alternatively allow timber to weather for 4-6 weeks (for new Treated Pine allow 2 weeks or follow manufacturer’s recommendation). Hose down regularly if not exposed to rain. Always follow the weathering period with Cabot’s Deck Clean following label instructions prior to coating your timber.

Timber Previously Coated with Cabot’s Aquadeck:
Clean first with Cabot’s Deck Clean following label instructions.

All Other Existing Coatings (Previously Oiled, Stained, Varnished or Painted Timber):
To ensure maximum adhesion, treat surface with Cabot’s New Timber Prep. Then clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean.

#Important: The final look will be impacted by the condition and colour of the existing coating. If the existing coating has deteriorated unevenly or is a darker colour than the Cabot’s Aquadeck colour chosen, it is recommended to remove all existing coating first, then clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean.

*Existing coating must be at least 30 days old. If the existing coating has peeled, flaked or deteriorated unevenly, the coating must be completely removed using a coatings stripper or sanding back to bare timber.

Weathered and Grey Timber:
Simply clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean. Note: fill holes and imperfections with a suitable timber putty after applying the first coat of Cabot’s Aquadeck.
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